Are you searching for the best fitness band under 2000 in India? 

Fitness bands are now becoming part of our style & lifestyle. Preferably than watches, people are now engaged in buying fitness band that holds the dual benefit of time and fitness features. Fitness bands can also be called smart bands or activity trackers.

Getting the best fitness band under 2000 looks quite hard, right? 

The majority of people think that smart brands are costly, and everyone can’t afford them. But it’s not true; it’s just a mistake.

If you’re too seeking the best fitness band under 2000, stay tuned till the end

Its smart features track also give details like a person’s height, weight. It senses the body movements like walking, running fast, or even standing still, and it also measures footsteps.

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In our list, there are many good companies like Mi, Fastrack, Realme that are also selling the Best fitness band under 2000 rs in India with advanced features which you need in your daily life. So, it is worth buying.

Fitness has always been an important part of our lives. Many of us strive for a fit body as it not only makes us look good but it feels good too. Maintaining a fit body has its own set of perks, be it looks or getting a suitable for oneself, the list can be endless, not to mention the health benefits that it offers.

But with our lives becoming busier and busier, people have been continuously trying to incorporate basic exercises into their daily routine so as not to cause any disruption in the daily routine and at the same time, not compromise with fitness. People have started following the phrase – “drop makes an Ocean”.

They have started focusing on the small ways that if done properly, it can contribute towards one’s fitness. But unlike proper gymming or or other form of exercises, these are comparatively on a very small scale.

So what can be done to keep a track of such drops? A smart band, to be specific, a fitness band comes into play here. Fitness bands in today’s times can easily take care of your basic fitness needs without causing any major disruption to your routine.

The advent of technology has simplified a lot of things for us human being and the lastest one seems to health and fitness. Now, checking one’s health and fitness level is just a click away, that too right in our palm!

With our daily lives becoming more and more sedentary, the need has arisen for such fitness smart bands to keep a check on our health status. These bands act as a professional coach or a personal doctor that from time to time gives you an analysis of your daily health status.

But unlike those professional doctors and personal health coaches who have their limitations when it comes to keeping a track of our health status, these fitness bands do that job perfectly. Not only do they continuously monitor our health but also give out the analysis of minute details that can be missed by humans many times.

We are bringing you a list of the best fitness bands that not only are feature-rich but are also a light on your pockets. Along with regular fitness features, they also come with some features that are generally seen in smartwatches. All of them carry Silicon bands which won’t create a rash on your skin. These bands are also dust, sweat, and water-resistant that will allow you to wear them for your work, gym, or even for water-based activities.

I am introducing the best fitness band under 2000 Regardless of whether you are preparing for a long-distance race or doing normal exercise to keep yourself fit as a fiddle, this brilliant band will assist you with arriving at your objective efficiently.

The range of the best fitness bands in India varies from Rs. 500 to Rs. 2000, and so on. But, we have brought the budgeted bands for you in our list of Best fitness band under 2000 only that are available in India with ease.

Best Fitness Band Under 2000 In India 2022

  1. Mi Band 3 (Rs 1,599)

When it comes to battery life, it is probably one of the finest fitness bands in the market. It comes with a battery backup of twenty days.

It comes with a touch display of 0.78 inches when measured diagonally, that too OLED.

It can show all the relevant information like date and time, calls, and notifications.

It is even water-resistant up to fifty meters of depth.

This means that one will be able to wear it while engaging in water-based activities like taking a dip or surfing. Your heart rate will be continuously monitored by the device throughout the day so that you can get to know more about your body by giving you an analysis at the end of the day. It comes with a unique feature known as Idle Alert that can remind you to get up and go for a walk.

Here is the first product of our list of top 10 best fitness band under 2000.

  1. GOQii Fitness Tracker (Rs 1,799)

Its way of improving your health is unique in its way.

Rather than focusing on just physical health like other smart bands, this one takes a holistic approach when it comes to health.

The buyer will be given a chance to get in touch with a personal coach and doctors who will be helping you to achieve your goals while buying the band.

One can contact their doctors and coaches from their app who will be available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

It has been engineered to provide statistics about your steps, calories burned, heart rate, and much other relevant information.

Coming with a clear OLED display and a claimed battery life of seven days, one can easily access day-to-day data over this smartwatch.

  1. Mi Smart Band 3i (Rs 1,299)

The company has come up with the lighter version of the very popular Mi band 3 called Mi Smart Band 3i.

It harbours all the features of Mi Band 3 except the heart rate monitoring feature.

The band can smoothly last up to twenty days just on a single charge. It comes with a black and white OLED touchscreen.

It is built to track daily physical activities like walking, cycling, and jogging.

All the notifications from the phone can be received on the Mi smart band. The band can also be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

  1. Honor Band 5i (Rs 1,999)

Those who are not comfortable with Mi Bands can go for Honor bands. Coming with a 0.96-inch colour TFT touch panel, it can display all the relevant daily statistics.

The brightness of the screen can automatically be adjusted by the band in accordance to the amount of light.

It also comes with scientific sleep monitoring that collects data regularly to analyze your sleep cycle. It can even monitor the heart rate of the user 24X7.

All your daily activities that can be accessed from the app can be tracked by this smart band.

The watch face can also be changed as per the liking of the user from the watch face store. It can be connected directly to a USB port to charge this fitness band. It comes with a battery life of six days.

If your budget is higher than 3000, then nothing to worry about there is a list of Best Fitness Band Under 3000.,

  1. Huawei Band 4

The Huawei Band 4 is currently available on the official website of the e-commerce site Flipkart for Rs 1,999.

This smart band features a 2.5D vivid touchscreen that not only facilitates an engaging interface but also comes with smart message notifications.

This band comes with the Huawei TruSeen 3.5 that can monitor the heart rate of the user with precision due to the presence of optical devices, processing chips, along an AI algorithm.

An alert in the form of vibrations will be sent to the user if your heart rate exceeds the maximum average.

The user also has an option in this band to switch to the Night mode to ensure less distraction for sound sleep.

  1. Noise ColorFit 2 (Rs 1,699)

This fitness band comes with a sleek look and it is available in three colour variants – pink, black and blue.

The band looks good in all the colour variants. The band comes with a moderate battery backup of five days. It also has a sensor to measure your heart rate.

It is IP68 rated due to which it can easily sustain the rain and the sweat. All the notifications will be received on the fitness band when connected to a smartphone.

It can track more than 14 different sports mentioned in the NoiseFit Sports App.

  1. Infinix Band 5

The Infinix band 5 comes with a coloured IPS display.

The screen size is 2.44 cm when measured diagonally.

It comes with personalized dial faces. The touch button is provided below the screen as the screen is not touch-enabled.

The band comes in three color variants which are – Black, Red, and Blue. Infinix band 5 features silver accents above and below the screen which gives it a very classic and a stylish look.

The band not only is IP67 certified but also the USB charging port comes embedded with the screen. The features include Calls, SMS, App Notifications & Idle alerts.

The band comes with a battery life of twenty days on standby. The band is also water-resistant. The band can identify four types of physical activities.

  1. Realme Band

The Realme Smart fitness tracker comes with a vivid TFT LCD that has personalized dial faces. The screen measures 2.4cm when measured diagonally.

To minimize the complexity with its intuitive design, a touch button is provided. The fitness band comes in three hues that are –  black, yellow, and green.

It also comes with a USB charging port embedded on one side of the screen.

The band has an IP68 rating which makes it water-resistant. It comes with an Intelligent Sports Tracker. Presently, the band can track almost nine types of different physical activities.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Band

This is the lightest band available in the market as it only weighs 15 grams.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e is the only watch by Samsung that comes in three different colour variants, i.e. White, Black, and Yellow. It comes with an IP67 Rating which makes it waterproof. The band comes with a 0.74 inches PMOLED display when measured diagonally.

It carries a battery of 70 mAh. The band also comes with a manufacturing warranty of one year from the date of purchase.

The band comes with touch buttons that give you the flexibility to decline calls or accept them according to your convenience.

Not only the band can alert the user about an incoming call, one can receive and read their messages. The band is water-resistant up to 50 meters up to a pressure of 5 ATM.

It can auto-detect three different physical activities and comes with a continuous heart rate monitor.

10.  Lenovo HX03 Cardio Smart Band

Lenovo HX03 Cardio Smart Band is the only smart cum fitness band that shows a notification on social media platforms. It comes with IP68 Waterproof Rating.

It has a 0.9 inches OLED display when measured diagonally. It comes with a battery of 80 mAh. It comes with a direct USB charging feature. Apart from these basic features, it also comes with some unique ones like Dynamic HR sensor, music control, and camera shutter control.

The tracker tracks the pulse of the user after every fifteen minutes. The data processed by this smart is claimed to be the most accurate that any smartwatch can give in the market.

  1. MI band – HRX edition

The Mi Band – HRX Edition from China-based tech giant Xiaomi is the scion of the popular Mi Band that has been developed in collaboration with HRX by Indian actor Hrithik Roshan.

It comes with a 0.42-inch OLED display when measured diagonally and displays steps and the time. It is compatible with devices running on Android 4.4 or iOS 7.0 and later versions.

The Mi Band – HRX Edition not only tracks your steps but also tracks your sleeping patterns. One can find the steps taken and distance covered, calories burnt, get idle alerts, get an analysis of your sleep patterns, and also unlock your mobile phone using this smart sum fitness band.

It comes with a good battery backup of 70mAh. The Mi Band – HRX Edition is available for a price of Rs. 1,299 and can be bought from ecommerce site Flipkart and the official website if MI.

  1. The FastTrack reflex smart band

The Fastrack Reflex Smart Band has a 0.91-inch OLED display when measured diagonally that can show you the time, present battery level, and SMS notifications.

It comes with sleep monitoring that can track and analyze your sleep patterns, Random Eye Movement (REM) sleep, and total sleep time.

The smart band displays the data regarding the steps taken, calories burnt, distance covered in a day, and the total active time. It rather comes with a simple reminder in the form of a bar on the OLED display, unlike other bands that vibrate to give out alerts.

It comes with a battery life of 70mAh that can sustain easily for almost 10-12 days of standby time.

  1. Ambrane Flexi fit

The Ambrane Flexi Fit includes a heart rate monitor along with a pedometer.

It is built to track the steps that you have taken, the distance covered by you, calories burnt, active time, and the level of your heart rate during physical activities. It also has an incoming call and text alerts feature in it.

The Flexi Fit from Ambrane comes with a non-irritating silicone strap. It can track your sleeping patterns and provides you with a detailed analysis of the time slept and fluctuations between light, deep and awake sleep.

The fitness tracker is compatible with devices running Android 4.4 or iOS 7.1 and above.


So, we have suggested the best fitness band under 2000 in India 2022 after deep research and experience. All the above brands mentioned provide you with the best fitness features to help you become a fitness freak.

We understand that it is not easy to choose a fitness band that will encompass all the features you will be needing but keeping in mind the affordability, we have chosen thirteen best smart cum fitness bands under the price range of Rs 2000 that not only are power-packed but also don’t burn a hole in your pockets.

Most of the bands come with basic features that a fitness band should be having to be able to be known as a fitness band.

But along with those features, a few of them host a lot more features like calling and notification alerts that make them even more preferable for daily work. Such bands not only keep a check on your health but also keep a track of your day-to-day activities.

If your budget is lower than 1500, then nothing to worry about there is a list of Top 10 Best Fitness Band Under 1500.