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Finding the best gas grills under $1000 limited budget and still getting all the required features consumes lots of time. And, who has plenty of time in such a busy schedule?

That’s my product guide here to assist you in picking the best home products in a quick time while assuring the best quality in your budget.

We have put on lots of research, reviewed people’s experience after using these gas grills, and then only expressed our suggestions along with their pros, cons, and complete features.

All the best gas grills are tested by BBQ experts that are delivering excellent performance and built for last. We have reviewed them in terms of performance, durability, and value for money.

So, let’s make your cooking experience enjoyable, quick, and easy to operate in gas grills. This guide has reviewed the top 10 gas grills under $1000 that are mostly bought.

best gas grill under 1000
Product nameWeight DimensionsMaterialTotal cooking area (square inches)BTU per hourWarranty (in years)
Weber Genesis II E-31013359 x 29 x 47 inchesPorcelain, Stainless_steel59039,00010
Broil King Regal S420 Pro LP Four-Burner Gas Grill17856.3 x 24.8 x 49.2 inchesStainless steel50050,00010
Weber Genesis II SE-335 Propane Gas Grill18129 x 59 x 47 inchesStainless steel69660,00010
Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner8550.4 x 24.5 x 45 inchesStainless steel425 (cooking surface)36,0005
Camp Chef Flat Top Grill14222 x 62.5 x 37 inchesStainless steel60448,0003
Napoleon Grills Built-in Lex 485 Propane Gas Grill16528 x 62 x 50 inchesStainless steel8157400010
Monument Grills Clear-View 6-Burner Gas Grill11822.5 x 54.1 x 46.3 inchesStainless steel723720008
Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill48.524.1 x 51.2 x 43.5 inchesStainless steel burners53030,0005
KitchenAid 740-0781 Built Propane Gas Grill108.5839.92 x 25.03 x 25.94 inchesStainless Steel  930.870,00010
Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D Dual Zone Premium Charcoal Grill11260.22 x 50.51 x 28.16 inchesStainless Steel8161

Various types of gas grills under $1000

What to Look for When Buying a Premium Gas Grill -

Built-in gas grills: If you are planning to place gas grills at larger outdoor kitchens, then built-in gas grills are perfect.

Freestanding gas grills: Freestanding gas grills are movable carts. Such types of gas grills consist of storage for fuel tanks and cooking accessories.

Things to be considered before buying the Best Gas Grills under

Do you also think that purchasing gas grills can be confusing? Why not? There are many varieties and features available in the market that you think is the best one. 

But, have you checked out a few things you should consider before buying the best gas grills under $1000? 

Many things can limit your choices in terms of features and definitely budget if you make a wise decision after going through the “things to be considered before buying the best Gas Grills under $1000.”

Let’s check out:

Natural or propane gas grills: First thing you need to decide about the best gas grills under $1000 is whether you need natural and propane gas grills? The most suitable answer to this is, do you have an existing natural gas line at your home? If yes, you can quickly pipe it into a grill without worrying about running out of fuel.

Another type is propane gas grills; you can buy 20 propane tanks and refill them by visiting any local propane distributor. You have the freedom to move such grills.

Now, the major thing is what grilling style suits you best, i.e., gas grills or charcoal grills. Gas grills are more popular in offering exceptional flavor and versatility. On the other hand, Charcoal grills are suited for strong smoke flavor.

Heat produced: burner’s heat is measured with BTU/hr (British thermal units per hour) ratings. Higher BTU doesn’t always mean higher heating. However, it also depends on the grill’s size and shape and how heat is distributed among the burners.

Number of burners: It’s simple, if you are cooking for a larger group, you need more burners. Ideally, a grill with 2 or 3 burners is enough to have control over overcooking. You can also consider buying gas grills with side burners that are suitable for warming food.

In short, we can say 5 or 6 burners are required to cater to a large family, and for 1-2 people, 2 burner gas grills is sufficient.  

Material used: Here, we are talking about the main body of the gas grill. These are made up of sheet metal, cast iron, stainless steel, or cast aluminum.

Stainless steel material is considered as best for cooking equipment; however, make sure to get a warranty for being rust-free. Don’t forget to check out the frames as well.

You might get various stainless steel material used gas grills but painted steel frames that can rust.

Advanced features: Modern grills include various advanced features, such as infrared burners, side burners, heat shielding, LED exterior lighting, storage spaces, drawers, etc.

best natural gas grills under $1000

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Top 10 Best Natural Gas Grills Under $1000 Dollars In 2021

1. Weber Genesis II E-310:

Weber Genesis is the most reliable and reputed brand for gas grills. You have various options under this brand to buy the best gas grills under $1000 but Weber Genesis II E-310 is top class.

Their products are made up of the exceptional superior quality that makes them durable and, of course, long-lasting. Weber Genesis II E-310 is built from a stainless steel material with a top-notch uniform heating experience across the grill. 

The open cart design is very convenient and useful to keep your cooking grates and bend the table to prepare your ingredients.

It comes with three stainless steel burners that produce 39,000 BTU per hour under 590 square inches of cooking space.

It takes approx 8 minutes to reach a preheat temperature of 500 degrees with less consumption of fuel. This model consists of liquid propane, so you must have a liquid propane tank to use it.

Porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates ensure even heating distribution to save it from overheating and retaining your mouth-watering food.

Another exciting thing is its grease management system that allows you to collect the grease and other cooking fluids easily and keep it clean.

Worrying about finishing fuel? Don’t worry; weber genesis takes care; this unit has a built-in fuel gauge that lets you see how much fuel is left in the tank. Buy this Best Natural Gas Grills Under $1000 and enjoy a 10 years warranty from Weber.

  • Consistent heat across the grill
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Superior heating retention
  • Produces 39000 BTUs per hour
  • Solid, durable construction
  • No side burners
  • Accessories to buy separately

2. Broil King Regal S420 Pro LP Four-Burner Gas Grill:

Another in our list of best gas grills under $1000 is from another famous brand, i.e., broil king. Their regal and imperial series are the top choices among the customers.

Stainless steel grates deliver excellent heat retention with limited use of fuel. Further, the dual tube burners generate a high BTU of 50000, which is extremely solid. Further, these grills come with a side burner and rotisserie.

The fully stainless cart and all-terrain wheels ensure that the grill is ready to handle grilling in any challenging condition without spoiling your mood.

It features Performance Grilling Technology (PGT) for great barbeque flavor, and 500 square inches gives you vast space to cook multiple dishes. In addition, a high capacity grease tray helps you in keeping your grill clean and makes your cooking easy.

The stylish blue LED-lit control knobs work wonders to find out where the grill controls are set. Additional features include illuminated control knobs, enclosed cabinet base, and porcelain-coated warming rack. 

Backed up with 10 years warranty and use of durable material, i.e., stainless steel cook box with cast aluminum end caps, are enough satisfaction to buy at such great price.

  • 4 Stainless steel Dual-Tube burner
  • Produces high 50000 BTUs per hour
  • Locking wheels to ensure stability
  • Durable cart with flexible portability
  • Flav-R-Wave cooking system for uniform heat distribution
  • No cons

3. Weber Genesis II SE-335 Propane Gas Grill:

Weber Genesis SE-335 offers very good performance in preheat, high and low temperature. The gas grill design is unmatched with other machines without any storage problem.

Weber genesis uses porcelain covered cast iron for the cooking grates that promises ultimate reliability. Being manufactured in the US, you can be assured of durability and quality.

It runs on natural gas and can reach up to 500 to 550 degrees under a closed lid. The amazing feature you are getting with this gas grill is the sear burner.

With the help of all burners and sear stations, the gas grill can produce 60000 BTU per hour.

Coming to its storage, it has a large cooking area of 696 square inches that could manage to cook for 3-4 people at a time. Its grease management system is very effective as inside it; you will see a disposable drip tray. You don’t need to worry about cleaning, just use and dispose of it. 

In this Weber Genesis model, you are getting a complete package of 3 stainless steel burners, a side burner, and a sear station burner for under $1000. You can easily assemble it without any hassle. Further, the detachable parts make it easy for quick cleaning.

Unlike others, in this model too, Weber Genesis provides a 10 years warranty. 

  • Powerful side burner
  • Grease management system
  • Huge grilling area
  • Produces 60000 BTU per hour
  • Sear station with 4 burners
  • No cons

4. Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner: 

The grill is made up of stainless steel with 4 burners and one side burner that produces 10,000 BTU per hour with 425 inches cooking surface area.

This spacious space is large enough to cook about 20 burgers at a time. Plus, the additional side burner works excellent in grilling vegetables while your main course is grilling on 4 burners. 

The stylish design and use of stainless steel is an amazing combo to match your outdoors. The four burners are on the top to ensure complete control over the temperature for cooking. It also helps to withstand a high temperature for a longer period.

The handy temperature gauge makes it easy to monitor the temperature and preheating status. We really like it’s electronic ignition. It hardly takes a few seconds to light up the grill and starts the fire just by pushing electronic ignition. 

The grease tray is wider enough to collect the oil drips and detach it for cleaning. You will also love this Char-Broil gas grill as its heat tent ensures even cooking and protects burners from grease drips, which ultimately requires less maintenance. 

  • Stylish stainless steel build for long-lasting
  • Lid-mounted temperature gauge
  • Produces 36000 BTU per hour
  • Reliable electric ignition
  • Rust-resistant cast-iron grates
  • Accurate temperature management
  • The flawed design makes it difficult to clean out ashes.
  • Takes time to cook food

5. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill:

The camp chef is one of the professionals and best gas grills under $1000. It gives an experience like a restaurant kitchen.

It comes with total cooking areas of 604 inches that are ample to cook various dishes for a large family. In addition, being a propane-fueled griddle makes it more convenient. 

There are 4 burners in this gas grill, each having 12,000 BTUs in an hour, giving you a total of 48,000 BTUs, which is good as per grill size. We like its feature of quick interchanging between grill and griddle. Both are made up of cast-iron to ensure even heat dispersal. 

Its special feature includes the ability to switch between a classic flat-top griddle and a traditional gas grill that makes it superior in our list of best gas grills under $1000. In the camp chef gas grill, there is also a natural gas conversion kit available for it.

Foldable side shelves and a great grease management system contribute to the overall ease in operating gas grills. Bring it today and assemble it within 20 minutes to make it ready to cook.

  • The quick interchange between Grill and Griddle
  • Cast-Iron and large Grill and Griddle
  • Effective grease management system
  • Quick ignition
  • Produces 48000 BTU’s per hour
  • Two large folding shelves
  • Cleaning is not easy.

6. Napoleon Grills Built-in Lex 485 Propane Gas Grill:

Napoleon is a top-quality grill manufacturer that meets a wide range of needs. This model of Napoleon runs on natural gas and is constructed from high-quality stainless steel.

The grill features 6 burners producing a total of 74000 BTUs in a total of 815 square inches. Its design is designed explicitly as unique wave shape cooking grills to ensure even heating and good in absorbing heat nicely. There is a built-in failsafe ignition system lights burner immediately.

If you are still wondering why you should buy Napoleon grills, then it has the most amazing feature of having sear marks on the meat or steaks. Further, it also possesses LED backlighting to add on a stylish look and see the burner’s intensity at night.

The gas grill’s shelf is multifunctional to use it as a cutting board or as an ice bucket to keep your drinks. It also comes with a smoker burner to cherish your moment by adding smokey flavor to your food.

  • Produces 74000 BTU’s per hour
  • Built-in failsafe ignition system
  • Heavy stainless steel rod cooking grates
  • Backit knobs
  • Multipurpose shelves
  • Side ice bucket shelf
  • Wide cooking area
  • Rotisserie kit sold separately
  • All parts are not stainless

7. Monument Grills Clear-View 6-Burner Gas Grill:

Monument 6-burner is designed to quick up the heating process and cooks your food fast. It is equipped with many features like preheating the grill at moderate temperature cooking, LED control knobs, and a sear burner. 

The overall construction is stainless steel, and the grill is built from cast iron coated porcelain to offer long-term durability. Don’t forget to take advantage of the lid that lets you capture moisture and stops the neat from dehydrating. 

It comes with four main burners, one side burner, and one side burner with a total of 72000 BTUs to deliver powerful heat and performance. Besides that, it has a built-in Clear view window that allows you to view the lid easily. 

In this model, you are getting the large cooking area of 723 square inches that offers plenty of grilling space. The built-in center-mounted thermometer keeps monitoring the temperature inside the grill.

  • Electronic ignition system
  • Rotisserie kit with motor included
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel cooking grids
  • Backlit LED control knobs
  • Up to 72000 BTU per hour
  • Clearview glass is not good

8. Char-Broil Classic 360 3-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Grill:+

Another best gas grill under $1000 from the reputed brand of Char-Broil. This is a liquid propane gas grill best suited for small outdoor spaces and small families to cook/grill burgers and hotdogs. 

The porcelain-coated steel lid is durable with rustproof cooking grates. Besides that, it is movable with sturdy legs. Amazingly, the side table has adequate storage for tools and dishes. 

This Char-Broil Classic produces 30000 BTUs per hour across the 360 square inch cooking surface. Grill’s features porcelain-coated grates that prevent your food from sticking and makes the cleaning easy. Piezo ignition system is the fast burner to light up a burner just by the push of a button. 

Overall, the ease of assembling with all required functions makes it simple and straightforward to use. 

  • Durable and rust-free porcelain grates
  • Temperature gauge to track preheat status
  • 30,000 BTU maximum output from the main burner
  • Piezo ignition system
  • Two metal side shelves
  • Weak plastic wheels
  • Uneven heat distribution

9. KitchenAid 740-0781 Built Propane Gas Grill:

The features of look before buying the best gas grills under $1000 are all that KitchenAid consists of. Ranging from durable premium material to uniform heating spreading, high BTUs, and a spacious grilling area.

The 71,000 BTUs per hour among the four main stainless steel burners and one ceramic rotisserie burner is impressive. It has a vast 884 square inch grill gate that is great for large events to cook for a larger group of people. 

Use of an infrared burner offers quick heating due to higher heat levels. In addition, it has a warm rack to keep your prepared food warm and ready to eat. Now, maintain control over the temperature with built-in temperature.

We like it’s even heat system that produces consistent heat across the primary grill grates. The KitchenAid gas grill is easy to clean, but it can be sticky at some time, especially with lean cuts of meat. 

  • Full stainless steel construction
  • 71000 BTU’s per hour heat
  • Ceramic rotisserie burner
  • Awesome even heating system
  • Natural Gas Conversion Kit Included
  • Battery operated ignition system
  • Knobs quality is not good
  • Grill grates require intense cleaning

10. Dyna-Glo DGN576SNC-D Dual Zone Premium Charcoal Grill:

Dyna premium charcoal grill is one of the versatile gas grills in our list of best gas grills under $1000. This stainless steel gas grill has improved heat retention with a double wall.  

It has a firebox that lets you create two separate fires at different temperatures. Plus, having a cooking area of 816 square inches over two separate cooking spaces is fantastic. The wheels are solid to move the gas grills over uneven surfaces. 

One of my favorite features about Dyna gas grill is its adjustable wood chip/charcoal trays that allow you to cook separately in two different cooking environments. In addition, the storage racks at the base of the unit offer excellent storage for utensils.

  • Last capacity ash collection tray
  • Dual vents on the sides
  • The double coal lift system
  • Heavy-duty locking casters
  • Bottle Opener
  • Removable firebox divider
  • Porcelain-enameled grill grates
  • Large warming rack
  • Tricky to control two temperatures
gas grills under $1000

Our best natural gas grills under $1000 recommendations included gas grills for commercial and residential uses consisting of many premium features at affordable prices.

We hope you can choose your dream gas grills that perfectly fulfill your requirements. Make sure to go through the “things you should consider before buying the best gas grills under $1000” that will surely make your decision easy and quick.

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What is the best gas grill under 1000

1. Weber Genesis II E-310:
2. Broil King Regal S420 Pro LP Four-Burner Gas Grill:
3. Weber Genesis II SE-335 Propane Gas Grill:

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