In recent times, Trimmer has become a necessity for men. Trimmers help them to groom themselves by trimming their messy beard and hair. Are you planning to buy a trimmer at an affordable price? If yes, then you should check our list of Best Trimmer Under 2000.  

If yes, then check this list of the top 10 best trimmers under 2000. Shaving, taking care of your beard is all part of the grooming elements of a person.

Gone are the days when there were only 2 looks to a man. Either a clean shave or a carefree beard. In 2020, looks start and end on how your beard and mustache look. Razors and scissors are now a part of history. That is where the trimmer creates the difference.

Before putting in the different choices of best trimmers under 2000 in India, let us see what all factors could influence and should influence your choice of a trimmer.

Best Trimmer Under 1000

Best trimmer For Men Under 2000 In India 

  • Quality, Blades and Brand

The primary objective of any trimmer is to cut hair.

There is a number of trimmers available in the market but what differentiates them is the built quality, the blades used, and ultimately the brand that puts in the product as a complete package.

Surely no one wants a trimmer to get tangled in the beard or chest hair due to bad quality blades used unable to make the ‘ CUT ’ right?

  • Attachments

One might forget this important factor but it is very important to have a look at the different attachments that are provided along with the device.

Different attachment cuts in different ways. If you want a professional and perfect trim then you will surely require a trimmer with a good number of attachments.

  • Battery/ Power source

You also need to check whether the device is a cable-operated device that connects directly to the power socket or a battery-based charge-able or cell-based product.

In case it’s a power socket-based one then you will require to have a socket where you usually shave (probably in the bathroom) or if in case it’s a battery-operated one then you surely want to look for the battery backup the device can give so that you can decide to finally go with it or not.

  • Guarantee/ Warrantee

Usually, people use trimmers in the bathrooms prone to getting harmed with water.

Therefore the user must ensure the kind of warranty/ guarantee the product provides to avoid any losses.

(Also since electronic products anyways, good to have a decent warranty)

Now that we have mentioned few basic factors that you might consider before making the final choice, let’s see the different trimmers that are available in the market below Rs. 2000.

So here is the list of the Top 5 best trimmer for men under 2000 with their features.

1. Philips QT4003 Beard and Stubble TrimmerAmazon
2. PHILIPS QT4005/15 TRIMMERAmazon
3. Mi Corded/Cordless Beard TrimmerAmazon
5. PHILIPS QT4011/15 TRIMMERAmazon

Top 10 Best Trimmers Under 2000

1. Philips QT4003 Beard and Stubble Trimmer (Second Best trimmer under 2000)

The Philips QT4003 Beard and Stubble Trimmer are some of the best trimmer under 2000 on the grounds that its blades remain extra-sharp to consistently trim hairs flawlessly and successfully, yet have adjusted round-edged blade tips and comb to reduce any irritation to the user.

Eventually, we have put Philips’ Trimmer on our list for a number of reasons. The Philips QT4003 accompanies a rechargeable battery that endures as long as 35 minutes in a single charge.

The cutting edges of the blades are slightly overlapped against one another in order to cut the hairs successfully and still stay sharp.

With 10 distinctive length settings, you can style the facial hair in the manner you like. Likewise, you can remove the head from the trimmer and put it under the tap for cleaning and reattach after drying.

This best trimmer for men under 2000 in India gives you a perfect yet protective trim repeatedly. Its ergonomic design helps to trim the areas that are hard to reach. 


  • Great Design with detachable head and also has a cord
  • Stainless Steel Blades
  • Light Weight
  • Talking about Length it holds 10 Lock-In Settings which can go upto 0.5mm Precision
  • Battery Life is usually Up to 35 minutes without cord
  • 7-8 times of usage with single charge
  • Warranty of the product is of 2 Years from the date of manufacturing


This is another incredible best trimmer under 2000, by Philips which is on the costly side but has a set of qualities to bring to the table.

The self-sharpening blades give a perfect and nitty-gritty cut alongside being rounded on the edges to guarantee no harm to the user.

Therefore, men with delicate skin can use this as it is a no-bothering trimmer and paves no potential damage to the user or its skin.

This model is solid when it comes to power owing to its Dura Power innovation technology. This long battery life joined with its chordless usage of 45 minutes in one go makes it an extraordinary apparatus for use while on a tour or traveling in particular.

Made to last, this model likewise accompanies 2 years overall assurance alongside an extra 1-year guarantee on registering with Philips website.

Taking care of this trimmer is just simple and advantageous. Its head can be segregated and submerged to eliminate any obstructed hair from the trimmers.

It is additionally not needed to consistently oil the trimmer because of its solid built and low maintenance requirements. In general, the strong body of the trimmer with an ergonomic outlook, the 0.5mm accuracy cutting of the steel sharp blades, the amazing battery, and the motor, are highlights of this model which makes it a recommended buy.

3. Mi Corded/Cordless Beard Trimmer (Best trimmer for battery life under ₹2000)

This Mi Corded/Cordless Beard Trimmer is the best trimmer under 2000 on the grounds that its battery life is great and it has a smooth moderate design, delicate to touch, lightweight and small, and comes with a pouch and a brush complimentary included with the trimmer.

Mi as of today launched its first trimmer in the market with good features altogether.

It has an extraordinary quad edge outlook or ergonomic design that is very convenient to hold and handle. You can easily reach hard spots with this one.

It also travels safely as it has a movement lock that shields the trimmer from turning on accidentally.


  • Cordless/Corded with Unique Quad Edge Design
  • Stainless Steel Blades with Self-Sharpening feature
  • It has Length of 40 Lock-In Settings with 0.5mm Precision inbuilt
  • Up to 90 minutes of Battery Life
  • Travel Lock
  • Fully Waterproof
  • Light for usage indication and charging indication
  • Warranty of up to 1 Year by the manufacturer


This trimmer uses the Japanese Blade Technology wherein the stainless steel blades give a desired clean trim. 

One can turn the dial on the body of the trimmer right under the blades to alter the guide search up or down for various length settings. The width of the cutter is 35mm. The cutting length has 13 stages going from 2mm to 18mm.

Another advantage of this trimmer is its flexibility to use it in cordless as well as with cord. This trimmer is, therefore, a great choice for travelers. It is battery-powered and takes 12 hours to completely charge under an electric power outlet of around 220-240V.

This flexibility in charging adds to the comfort of utilizing this trimmer anyplace anytime. Additionally, it gives a 40-minute long usage time at one go which is a generous time for accomplishing any sort of facial hair styling. The marker light on the base of the trimmer gleams while charging.

The maintenance is also very easy for this device. Despite the fact that the body of the gadget isn’t waterproof, the blades can be disengaged and flushed with water to eliminate hair and dirt gathered inside the Clippers after use.

Subsequently, the lightweight of 572g and the smooth design and sturdy body of this trimmer make it yet another extraordinary and useful trimmer to possess.


Philips has expanded the stakes on performance and power on this specific trimmer. It is a little steep on the pocket yet this gadget is ideal for individuals who are searching for accurate styling rather than just ordinarily managing their hair.

This trimmer has possessed titanium blades that give significant cutting sharpness and execution unlike that in the case of steel blades.

The length settings are additionally expanded to 20 variations from 0.5mm to 10mm with a 0.5mm exactness for a full beard or clean-shaven look.

These sharp cutting blades additionally have adjusted tips for a smooth and cautious shave. One can turn the wheel to choose the setting or change the guide brush that joins it.

With regards to control, the Dura power innovation upgrades the force utilization for a dependable execution. This guarantees that with simply an hour of charging, the trimmer gives as long as an hour and a half of cordless use.

Not to forget its separable head which can be flushed/submerged for cleaning. This model has extra attachments along with it for further use even before actual maintenance.

This comes with a pouch that you can use while on the go. The trimmer accompanies a 2-year warranty and an extra one-year guarantee if registered on the Philips website. The gadget, by and large, is a good buying option.

Philips BT3205/15 Cordless Beard Trimmer

The Philips BT3205 does 30% faster trim with the lift and cut framework.

It accompanies the DuraPower Technology that guarantees power enhancement and your trimmer keeps going up to multiple times more than the conventional trimmers.

The blades on this one are very sharp to trim the hairs effortlessly and it additionally reduces skin irritation with the blend of round-bladed tips.

With the 10 diverse length settings, you can style the facial hair in the manner you like. Additionally, you can isolate the head and wash it under the tap for cleaning.


  1. Detachable Head, Cordless, Great design
  2. Stainless Steel Blades
  3. Self-Sharpening Technology
  4. It has a Length of 20 Lock-In Settings using Zoom Wheel along with 1mm of precision
  5. It has a battery Life of up to 45 min Cordlessly ( and 10-hour after charging)
  6. Indicator light on the body (Empty, Full, Battery Low or Charging)
  7. Up to 2 Years of warranty and extended 1 Year after Registering

7. Philips BT3203 Cordless Beard Trimmer

This Philips BT3203 Cordless Beard Trimmer is the best superb quality trimmer under ₹2000 on the grounds that its built quality is brilliant and it trims hairs 30% quicker than different trimmers in the market.

The Philips BT3203 does the 30% quicker trimming with the lift and cut framework technology. It accompanies the DuraPower innovation that guarantees optimal power utilization which makes the trimmer last longer than the common trimmers.

The swift blades are very sharp to trim the hairs efficiently and they also reduce irritation with the mix of round-bladed tips. With the 10 diverse length settings, you can style the beard in the manner in which you like. Likewise, you can remove the head and flush it under the tap for cleaning.


  1. Detachable Head, Cordless, Great design
  2. Stainless Steel Blades
  3. Self-Sharpening Technology
  4. It has a Length of 10 Lock-In Settings using Zoom Wheel along with 1mm of precision
  5. It has a battery Life of up to 45 min Cordlessly ( and 10-hour after charging)
  6. Indicator light on the body (Empty, Full, Battery Low or Charging)
  7. Up to 2 Years of warranty and extend 1 Year after Registering

8. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Beard and Hair Trimmer

This Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Beard and Hair Trimmer is the best trimmer for a professional salon since it has excellent quality sharp cutting blades and it has extremely extraordinary looking features which make it look cool and awesome.

Panasonic is perhaps the best organization that produces great quality electronic things. This Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B trimmer accompanies the Japanese cutting-edge innovation that very carefully shaves the beard/hairs.

The shard blades and the protective guard are separable so you can clean them without any problem. The ergonomic plan helps in better effectiveness and convenience while trimming.

Additionally, it is a convenient trimmer i.e light-weight. With astounding characteristics, this is probably the best trimmer that you will get under Rs.2000.

9. Braun MGK3020 Trimmer

This Braun MGK3020 Trimmer is the best trimmer for everyday use under ₹2000 on the basis that it doesn’t cost much and is anything but convenient to use. Its manufacturing quality is additionally incredible. What’s more, its performance is just excellent.

Braun MGK3020 is a full prepping pack trimmer that accompanies two fix brushes. With the 13 accuracy length settings, you can accomplish an alternate look without fail. The sharp blades are made of Titanium that helps in prevalent cutting and lasting sharpness to looks.

It has super sharp treat steel cutting blades that trim through the long hair with no pulling. Likewise, you can disconnect the head and flush it under the tap for cleaning.

In the event that you’re searching for a shaving trimmer, then this is the best trimmer that you will get under Rs. 2000.

10.Panasonic ER207WK24B Corded/Cordless Trimmer (Alternative for eighth)

Panasonic ER-WK24B Trimmer gives a perfect shave exactly the way you want. It is appropriate for normal utilization and you can experience smooth shaving with the completely washable feature of the trimmer i.e., it very well may be wash with boiling water if required.

While trimming the guards won’t clasp and shape your beard/hair. The trimmer has steel base blades that get the job effortlessly done.

It assists in getting a reviving shaving experience with no irritation whatsoever. In case you’re searching for a perfect shaving trimmer, this is the best trimmer that you will get under Rs. 2000.

These are the top 10 best trimmers under 2000.  Choose any of the above- mention trimmers, you will not be disappointed.