An excellent wi-fi is now needed for every user living in multiple floor buildings or offices to connect multiple devices at once.

But, finding an excellent wi-fi router consisting of all the required features could be a bit difficult task for non-tech users; therefore, in this article, we have suggested the Best Wifi Router Under 3000 rs in India that will make your life easier. 

The article contains the list of 10 best wifi routers under 3000 that offers you better internet speed to perform numerous tasks simultaneously, including HD streaming, video games, downloading, transferring files at a faster speed, and many more.

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Best Wifi Router Under 3000 For Home

SL.NoProduct nameCheck Price
1Tp-link Archer C1200Buy Now
2Asus RT AC53 Wireless RouterBuy Now
3Tenda AC10 AC1200 Wireless wi-fi routerBuy Now
4D-Link DIR-825 AC 1200 Wi-Fi RouterBuy Now
5D-Link DIR-819 RouterBuy Now
6TP-Link Archer C60 AC1350 Wi-Fi routerBuy Now
7iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN Wireless routerBuy Now
8Tenda AC5 AC1200 Wi-Fi RouterBuy Now
9TP-Link TD-W9970, Wi-Fi routerBuy Now
10TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 Wireless MU-MIMO Gigabit RouterBuy Now

You can connect various devices like smartphones, laptops, 4K TV, and PC with your internet connection without any interruptions.  

You can get dual-band wifi routers under 3000. The dual-band router basically offers two radio bands, i.e., 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 2.4GHz is good for web surfing, downloading, etc.

Whereas 5GHz is perfect for streaming video and online gaming services. Buying a dual-band router gives you double benefits to enjoy with faster speed connectivity.

Let’s check out the Best Wifi Router Under 3000

Our first choice in the list of Best Wifi Router Under 3000 is Tp-link Archer C1200 that is very suitable for small and medium-sized houses or offices.

The router weighs 2.3 pounds, which makes it portable. The advanced and powerful 802.11ac wi-fi technology offers ultra-fast connectivity with great coverage. 

It is a dual-band wireless router that offers maximum bandwidth of 867 Mbps on the 5GHzband and around 300 Mbps speed on the 2.4 GHz. So, you will get total bandwidth of 1167 Mbps. 

This router comes with three external antennas and four Ethernet ports that work at 1 Gbps. 

It helps to reach the range at every corner of your home and office. You can stream your games and videos smoothly. Plus, the USB 2.0 port provides convenience for transferability and sharing files.

The guest network is an amazing feature that allows you to restrict the wi-fi access for guests sharing at your home. Also, the router uses Mu-Mimo technology to ensure a better user experience. 

Considering the user’s security, the TP-link archer uses advanced Security encryptions like WPA/WPA2 encryption to ensure utmost security for your personal network.

 Overall, the quick setup with the help of a start guide is enough to kickstart your work in a couple of minutes.


  • IEEE 802.11ac standard 
  • Four Ethernet ports 
  • LED notification lights 
  • Supports USB 2.0 port
  • It comes with a dual-band 


  • No Cons

2. Asus RT AC53 Wireless Router:

Asus is one of the well-known brands that construct the best wifi routers under 3000 in India with high-speed performance.

In this list of best wifi routers under 3000 rs, Asus RT AC53 wireless router features a textured design that gives you a premium look. 

This is a dual-band router that operates under two brands, i.e., 2.4GHz and 5Ghz. 

It delivers a maximum speed of up to 750 Mbps and allows you to connect multiple wireless devices simultaneously. It has MU-MIMO technology, which allows you to allocate bandwidth to any device of your choice. 

Asus RT AC53 came up with a quick setup with the help of a mobile app that also gives you the option of blocking unauthorized devices from any attack.

This router is equipped with three powerful external antennas to enhance signal transmission. Plus, it has 2 LAN ports that help in faster connectivity. We can say, this router is capable of ensuring stable connection beyond 2 walls also. 


  • 3 strong external antennas
  • Good build quality 
  • IEEE 802.11ac standard
  • Dual-band frequency for high signal
  • Flexible 3-in-1 router 


  • No USB port

3. Tenda AC10 AC1200 Wireless wi-fi router: 

Tenda is now one of the fastest-growing companies offering the Best Wifi Router Under 3000 in India after TP-link and D-link.

Among the various models, we have picked the Tenda AC10, which is a high-performance dual-band wireless router. 

Being a dual-band wi-fi router, it offers 300Mbps on 2.4GHz and 867Mbps on 5GHz to strengthen signals and provides connectivity in major devices.

You will enjoy a decent amount of range at every corner of your home. The innovative MU-MIMO technology increases the multi-task capabilities. 

The best thing about this router is that it comes with four 5Dbi Omnidirectional antennas for stronger wi-fi signal and wider coverage.

Another good feature is, there are lots of LED indicators to display various functions on board. It also has air vents that don’t let your router catch the heat and speed up the connection.

The four LAN ports allow you to connect to other household gadgets.

Overall, if you live in a small-medium house or office, having network devices that use mostly 2.4GHz wireless frequency, then Tenda AC10 is a great choice at an affordable price.


  • Strong dual-band wi-fi signal
  • Innovative MU-MIMO technology
  • 4 x 5Dbi Omnidirectional antennas
  • Gigabit WAN and LAN ports


  • Multi-lingual support is weak
  • No USB ports

D-link DIR-825 is a dual-band Wi-Fi router, offers speed 300mbps at 2.4GHz band and 867mbps at 5GHz band.

It supports standards 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, and 802.11AC. This high-speed connectivity lets you download large files, play games, and HD streaming on multiple devices.

You will get 4 LAN ports at the back of the router that supports 1Gbps speeds, which is amazing to connect other wired devices like 4K TV at home. 

Plus, the uninterrupted connectivity will enhance the customer’s experience. The four Omni antennas work fantastically to cover the 3BKH apartment.

In this cheap range of best wifi routers under 3000 rs, you will also get a USB 2.0 port to connect external devices like printers, Pendrive, or hard disks for sharing data at a faster speed. 

It is also equipped with an advanced security mechanism, including WEP, WPA/WPA-2, and WPS, to protect your data privacy.

So, whether you love to play online games or do lots of web searching, D-link DIR-825 is meeting your requirements in your home or office. 


  • Dual-Band Gigabit Router
  • Four Omni Antenna
  • USB port with LAN and WAN
  • Total 1200 Mbps bandwidth
  • Advanced security with WEP, WPA/WPA-2


  • No smartphone app for convenient use

Unlike D-Link DIR-825 AC 1200 Wi-Fi Router, D-link DIR-819 is also a dual-band router with almost similar functions and features.

The router’s dual-band performance is up to 300Mbps at 2.4GHz and 433Mbps at 5GHz to deliver fast wireless speeds.

 You can enjoy a maximum speed of up to 750Mbps, which is sufficient to watch HD content, 4K streaming, online gaming, and transferring large files. 

MIMO Technology and three high-gain antennas ensure to deliver maximum internet range at your place and avoid interferences. 

The device is compatible with a/g/n devices. In addition, there are four LAN ports that enable this router to connect with four multiple wired devices at a time to enjoy a lag-free experience. 

The best thing about this Best Wifi Router Under 3000 in India is the QoS (Quality of Service) feature, which is helpful in setting out the network for a particular connection and lets you enjoy a higher speed. 

To enjoy wireless coverage throughout your home, the combination of 3 high-gain antennas and AC technology makes it suitable to buy D-Link DIR-819 Router.


  • Dual-band performance
  • 3 high-gain antennas
  • Compatible with a/g/n devices
  • Four Fast Ethernet ports 


  • No cons

Starting from the speed, it is one of the fastest Wi-Fi routers at both the 2.4GHz band (450mbps) and the 5GHz band (867mbps). It is best for streaming HD video games.

Another Best Wifi Router Under 3000 from TP-link that comes with some unique functions. 

Next is, this TP router has 5 antennas to offer an amazing range to cover every area of your home or office. Equipped with a Qualcomm chipset, you will enjoy an excellent connection experience. 

Plus, MU-MIMO technology increases efficiency, whereas beamforming technology delivers a highly efficient wireless connection. So, it can handle up to 10 devices at a time. 

In addition, it comes with advanced features, which include parental Control, Local Management Control, Host List, Access Schedule, and Rule Management.

The parental control feature works amazing if you want to block URLs or limit the level of web access; hence, it provides complete security to your personal data.

Overall, the advance wireless standard 802.11ac gives faster and stronger Wi-Fi to all your Wi-FI devices.


  • Five antennas for superior coverage 
  • Use Beamforming technology
  • High-Performance Qualcomm Chipset
  • 4 LAN ports for wired connections
  • LED light notifications 


  • No USB ports

7. iBall Baton iB-WRD12EN Wireless router:

 iBall Wi-Fi router is a dual-band AC technology Best Wifi Router Under 3000 rs. It delivers an excellent data transmission speed of 1200 Mbps, which is really good for better-range connectivity. 

It is best for HD streaming, transferring large files, live classes, or playing high-end games. 

The router is equipped with four omnidirectional antennas of 5dBi value that ensure a stable connection with wider coverage. Plus, the MU-MIMO technology provides more stability and optimized data speed. 

Another best technology used in iBall Baton wireless router is the Latest Beamforming technology. It works on improving signal coverage to your connected devices at home. 

You can expect a more extended range and stable connection for a 2BKH apartment. You will also get 3LAN ports at a speed up to 100Mbps to connect other household or office wired devices.

 Plus, for safety purposes, it comes with parental control, so you can easily block the IPs that you do not want to be seen by your child or anyone.

With the help of a smartphone app, you are ready to manage your router at your fingertips. 




  • Dual-band AC technology
  • 5dBi x 4 Omni-directional antennas
  • MU-MIMO Technology
  • Latest Beamforming technology for wider coverage
  • Manage and Monitor through App


  • No USB ports

Check here:

8. Tenda AC5 AC1200 Wi-Fi Router: 

The Tenda AC5 AC1200 is simple yet equipped with powerful features that you need in the Best Wifi Router Under 3000.

The router is made up of polycarbonate material, which makes it lightweight and durable. It supports dual-channel Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5.0Ghz. 

This router comes with four antennas to extend the range of the Wi-Fi signal. Besides, powered by a 1 GHz high-frequency CPU, you will enjoy a more stable and reliable internet connection. 

Now, get over 20 percent the fastest speed with the MU-MIMO technology that allows you to connect with multiple devices at a time.  

The router has three Ethernet ports with a single input port and triple output ports.

 It has Beamforming technology, which lets you concentrate the wireless signals in a single direction and provides better stability and range coverage of small and medium-sized apartments.

Tenda has its own Wi-Fi app with numerous features to manage your connectivity, like disconnecting unauthorized users, one-key channel optimization, security checks, signal strength adjustments, and many more.

Overall, we found the Tenda AC5 AC1200 is a good performing Wi-Fi router for small and medium offices or houses. 


  • Compliant with 802.11ac Wave 2.0 Standard
  • 1 GHz High-Frequency CPU
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Good internet coverage 


  • No USB port

Check here: 

A good affordable rates, TP-link is another Best Wifi Router Under 3000 rs in India.

 The router offers you versatility connectivity and is fully compatible with VDSL2/ADSL2 and /ADSL2/ADSL standards. 

The router is equipped with two 4dBi Fixed Omni-Directional Antenna that has far-reaching wireless coverage in every direction to provide the maximum range. 

Considering its speed, this router delivers a maximum speed of 300 Mbps, which is good to cover nominal household and office works. It allows the users to stream HD videos, online gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks.

TP-Link has its Tether app that provides you the convenience of easy access and manages the network by using any android or iOS mobile phone.

Plus, parental control and guest networks make your surfing secure by limiting other unwanted devices’ access. 

One of the amazing features of the TP-Link TD-W9970 Wi-Fi router is the 6kV Lightning Protection that prevents any electrical damage caused by thunderstorms and lets you enjoy good internet connectivity without any worry. 


  • It comes with the many USB sharing options
  • Inbuilt parental controls for security 
  • Two 4dBi Fixed Omni-Directional Antenna
  • MAC-based IP reservation
  • Bandwidth control feature


  • No blinking light to check visible usage of connection

 TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 is a dual-band Wi-Fi that provides 2.4GHz 300 Mbps and 5GHz 867 Mbps connections and supports 802.11ac standards. 

The combination of 4 external antennas and one internal antenna ensures stable wireless connections and optimal coverage to enjoy good internet speed anywhere in a medium-size apartment. 

Further, one Gigabit WAN port and four Gigabit LAN port provides you up to 10× faster speed than standard Ethernet connections. You can enjoy a faster range experience with any device.

Equipped with MU-MIMO technology, it is now easy to achieve 2X efficiency by communicating with up to 2 devices at once. 


  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi router
  • MIMO technology-enabled antennas
  • Qualcomm Chipset for high-performance
  • Easy and quick set up with TP-Link Tether app


  • No USB port


We hope our article has helped you choose the Best Wifi Router Under 3000 rs. with all the needed features, It is recommended to first decide the features and functions you want as per your requirements and then pick the best Wi-Fi router.