Are you searching for the Best Headphones Under 5000 in India? 

Bored with your daily life? Introduce the latest affordable and feature-rich wired headphones from the market in your new collection of electronics.

Getting the Best Headphones Under 5000 in India ,it seems quite hard right? 

If you are a music lover, purchasing the best pair of headphones is important, however, the budget restrictions may hinder your choices while purchasing the best headphones for yourself.

Features like sound, durability, sound quality, comfort while wearing and battery life are important points one must keep in mind while purchasing headphones.

So, keeping all the essential points in mind, we have prepared a list of the best headphones under 5000.


The headphones come with a 3-meter long single-sided cable and plush earcups. The Audio- Technica ATH- M20X has a 40mm studio monitoring custom made drive. The headphones have excellent bass sound. The sound quality is accurate which makes it an ultimate choice for professional sound mixers and music creators.


  • Excellent bass sound
  • Passive noise cancellations
  • No microphone for voice calls

The product comes from a highly acclaimed Japanese company known for its amplifiers and headphones.

DESIGN- the headphones are made up of polycarbonate material. The body of the headphones is strong and durable. No noticeable weak parts, thus making it long-lasting.

The plush ear cups give you comfort while wearing them. The faux feather cushion band helps you in avoiding any kind of discomfort. The closed pack nature of the earpiece gives you passive noise cancellation and thus aiding to better audibility while in a noisy environment.


The 40 mm neodymium magnet power powered speaker driver provides perfection in sound.

The musical note produced by the speakers of headphones is between 15 – 20,000 Hz and also the contoured ear cup offers a tight seal to the ear canal and thus minimizing the sound leak.


The copper-clad aluminum voice coil of these headphones improve the sound output and sensitivity of speakers by decreasing the resistance of electric signals. The impedance rating is 47 ohm, which can cause a degradation in the performance of headphones when used with smartphones.

CONCLUSION-  These wide headphones provide you with excellent sound with noise cancellation features. The studio-grade profession and high-quality sound output make it the best choice for music creators and music lovers.

2. 1MORE MK801

The headphones1MORE belongs to a Chinese organization popular for some industry firsts in the realm of sound gadgets.

The 1MORE MK801 is an up-to-date and stylish wired on-the-ear style earphone that includes the most ideal form quality you can discover in the Rs. 5,000.

Features –

  • Steel alloy construction
  • Kevlar coated cable
  • Adjustable earpiece
  • Elegant design
  • Full-fledged inline remote


The 1MORE MK801 is perhaps the most attractive gadget that cash can buy in the value range.

The red and dark shading colors look astoundingly dazzling and the negligible yet exceptional style makes it quite different from others. It is made of steel metal composite for what it’s worth, the nature of the development is first class. Everything feels so strong and solid and guarantees a solid feeling of extravagance.

The earpiece can be changed by sliding and pivoting an alternate way to coordinate the forms of your ears for the best fit.

The kevlar covered link is solid and can withstand minor maltreatment like a champ. 1More gives a convey sack to keep these wired earphones free from any danger in your travel pack.


The 1MORE MK801 offers an even stable yield with equivalent significance given for low, mid, and high notes. With these wired earphones, you will have the option to appreciate pretty much every classification of music.

The 40mm speaker drivers cover the standard 20 – 20,000 Hz recurrence reaction range for a rich and wide solid stage. The tumult from these speakers is on point and has extremely negligible twisting at the greatest volume levels.

The strong lodging and the tight fit give unrivaled commotion detachment and make you appreciate the music’s tranquility and calmness.


The 1MORE MK801 wired headphones accompany an incorporated inline far off and a receiver on the link.

This smoothed outdistance has a similar complement tone as the earphone and comprises three control catches. The multifunctional focus button takes into consideration tolerating/dismissing voice calls and the other two catches control the volume level.

The receiver functions admirably and the nature of sound during the voice call is good.


If you are looking for solid, tough and in vogue looking wired headphones that have an excellent sound quality and an inline mic, the 1MORE MK801 is an incredible decision for one choosing between buying headphones under 5000.

 3.Samson SR850

Samson is an industry-leading audio equipment company based new york

Supported by twenty years of industry experience, the Samson SR850 gets the best of its rivals with its studio-quality sound proliferation and articulated profundity in the melodic notes.

Features –

  • Comfortable open-back design.
  • Studio-grade monitoring
  • No microphone for voice call
  • Good bass
  • Minimum sound distortion


The Samson 850 is produced using normal quality plastic. Because of its plastic material, the earphone feels lightweight and easy to use. The headband is very comfortable and offers a tight grip, making the earpiece remain near your ears.

The padding is insignificant. This suits the humid conditions. With inordinate padding, the perspiration may cause distress while in delayed use. The 1.5m link is long and so can cause discomfort while traveling.


The Samson S850 comes furnished with an enormous 50mm driver speaker fit for giving an excellent acoustic encounter.

The wide unique reach that covers practically all melodic notes between 10 Hz and 30,000 Hz ensures that your overall listening joy is not the slightest bit traded off. The bass is rich with enough influence to fulfill EDMs. The mids and highs flawlessly supplement the low notes.

The sound yield doesn’t make distortion in sound quality even while sticking in with full volume.


The semi-open back design of the earpiece has its benefits and bad marks.

The open design helps acoustics to hose effectively and all the more normally. This decreases the weight on your ears essentially.

Simultaneously, this open design may likewise let foundation commotions into the ear trench, causing issues if you are in a bustling road or somewhere in the vicinity.

The velour texture ear padding on this wired earphone works like the adaptive padding and is entirely agreeable for your ears to lay on.


If it’s all the same to you in the absence of a standard brand tag, the Samson S850 is the best-wired earphone you can buy under a spending plan of Rs.5,000.

Its studio-grade tuned drivers and the open back design makes tuning in to music as though you are inside a chronicle studio.

  1. Sennheiser HD 400S

The Sennheiser HD 400S is a wired headphone with an around the ear design. This gadget accompanies a completely foldable headband and an inline mouthpiece to attend to voice calls.

Features –

  • Well balanced signature sound
  • Closed-back design for comfort
  • Easy fit
  • Easy to carry
  • Passive noise cancellation facility.


The Sennheiser HD 400S is made totally of polycarbonate material which makes the gadget halfway adaptable and lightweight. The headband is adequately cushioned and has a more modest size impression. Another reality to note about this headband is that it is foldable. Which makes it easier to carry.

This makes the Sennheiser HD 400S the smaller and convenient wired earphones in its value class. The adequately huge earpiece has comfortable cushions over them to give a shut back sound insight. The cable on this earphone is adjusted yet tangle safe.


The Sennheiser HD 400S is fueled by a 32mm speaker driver handcrafted by the organization for improved execution. These speakers have been tuned flawlessly for conveying extraordinary quality music. One of the USP of this is its 18 Ohm impedance rating. This implies the driver just needs to conquer minimal opposition for creating sound.

The low impedance factor altogether enhances the performance of these earphones when utilized with low-end Android cell phones. The bass is sufficient and the nature of mids and highs are generally excellent on this gadget. This earphone accompanies an amazing mouthpiece. The mic is so delicate to the user’s voice furnishing you with the most ideal voice quality in the section.


The Sennheiser HD 400S is a brilliant buy for individuals who are searching for proficient and moderate supportive value headphones. The satisfying sound yield and the fabricated quality makes it worth looking at in the Rs.5,000 best headphones range.

  1. Marshall Major II

The model belongs to the UK based company known as Marshall, which is well known for its amplifiers, Bluetooth speakers, and studio-grade headphones

Features –

  • Suited for hardcore audiophiles.
  • Build quality
  • Noise cancellation


The model follows the classic design of rounded ear cup design and vinyl finish. The leather texture provides you a classy as well as a luxurious feel while using them and also the collapsible design makes it easy to store. The durable adjustable headband clip provides you ease in the fitting.


It has a 40mm drive which ensures sound clarity. Even with hardcore audio, the deep bass and detailed highs make music more enjoyable for the user. The tunes are clear and that too without distortion. It blocks the noise from the background and gives you a rich listening experience.


The cable is gold plated with textured connections which makes it feel luxurious while wearing. The inlet remote works very well, making the incoming calls clear to hear.


If you hear hardcore music with deep bass then this is the best choice to go for under Rs 5000. The quality of music delivered by this headphone is next level.


Who doesn’t want clutter-free headphones? Next on our list is from JBL TUNE 700 BT under 5000 which is a wireless headphone.


  • Good looking
  • 27-hour battery life
  • Ob board volume control buttons
  • Soft ear pads
  • Sweatproof


The model comes with a good feature set with multiple color choices. with its wireless Bluetooth connectivity, it enables the user to listen to music from any corner of your house. The design of the headphones is quite convenient with its foldable design.


It comes up with an EXCELLENT bass and great sound quality giving you overall a great experience while listening to your favorite tune on it.


The model comes with a domestic warranty of 1 year. It is quite easy to carry anywhere because of its foldable design, which makes it the best choice under 5000.


The model comes with excellent sound quality and a beautiful sleek design giving you the best fit.


  • Swivel Folding Design
  • 30 hours talk time after a complete charge
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fast connection using NFC
  • Volume control
  • Built-in microphone
  • Good sound quality


It has a swivel foldable enables one-touch listening with Bluetooth and NFC. The swivel ear cups are adjustable. It is lightly weighted which makes it quite feasible to handle.


The 30mm powerful drive ensures the best possible sound quality. The NFC ensures fast connection, the frequency range is between 20- 20,000 Hz.


The sound of the bass is normal. But the variety of ranges in sony headphones make it preferable for one to buy. Sony headphones come in a variety of colors but these headphones have jet black color only. Overall it is a good option to go with if one doesn’t bother to have the bass of much higher quality.


We hope the above list prepared by us will help you to choose the best headphones under Rs5000. Our selection in the guide is based on the reviews on e-commerce sites. Most of the headphones mentioned above are wireless which enables the user to listen to their favorite music without any being tangled with wire.