Are you searching for the best fitness band under 500 in India? 

Fitness bands or smartwatches are now becoming the best fitness trackers. You don’t need to spend a hefty amount to buy them. You can buy the best smart band under 500 only. 

“Fitness bands are the gadgets that help you to track your fitness parameters such as blood oxygen level, blood pressure, heart rate count, sleep quality, etc.”

Whether you are doing regular exercise to keep yourself in good shape or adding a new wearable to your lifestyle, smart bands will help you. 

smart band under 500

You are now aware of the importance of fitness bands; you must have been searching for fitness band under 500, fitness band under 500 amazon, mi fitness band under 500, or Fastrack fitness band under 500 but got confused.

Not only this, while searching for a fitness band under 500 or mi smart band under 500, you might end up getting results for fitness band straps only. 

Don’t worry; we have picked the best fitness band under 500 for you after exploring customer’s reviews and ratings. All the fitness bands are from renowned brands that are fully equipped with the technology to help you to improve your health.  

These fitness bands or fitness watch under 500 are suitable for both men and women. You can easily pair smart bands with your smartphone and they are ready to use.

Best Fitness Band Under 500 Rupees In India 2021

SL.NoProduct nameBuy Links
1NR MART Sports Fitness BandAmazon
2WELROCK SmartBandAmazon
3SHOPTOSHOP Activity TrackerAmazon
4HUG PUPPY Smart Band Fitness TrackerAmazon
5M4 Intelligence fitness watchAmazon
best fitness band under 500

Top 10 Smart Band Under 500

How To Choose Best Fitness Band In India?

Top 5 things you should consider before buying the best smart band under 500

So, if you plan to purchase a fitness band, here are some features you should look at,

Display quality – Fitness bands usually come with a small screen to see texts, notifications, and data. It is important to check their font size so that you are able to read the information easily.

Besides that, you will mostly use the band outdoors, so the main thing to consider here is its brightness to read under the direct sunlight. 

Water-resistance – As for the tracking activities, you might like to wear them throughout the day. So, a fitness band should be water and sweat-resistant.

You should not be in a hurry and worry about removing it while washing hands, walking in the rain, or performing physical activities.

You will see a water-resistant rating like 1 ATM rating or higher, which means the device has the capacity of water-resistant up to 10 meters.

Smartphone integration – Well, a smart band watch under 500 allows you to use fitness bands only after installing their apps on your mobile phone.

And, after that, only you can see the notifications on your wristband. It is advisable to check the compatibility with your devices before buying a smartwatch band under 500.

Battery life – Smart band watch under 500 usually lasts up to 20 days on a single charge. Battery life depends upon the color, brightness level, touchscreen, etc.

If we talk about the best band under 500, they offer a battery life of up to 2 days with all-enabled functions. Anything less than this would end up just charging your band. 

Basic features – In the budget of 500 rupees, you will get a sleep tracker, sports activities like cycling, treadmill, steps count, and heart rate monitor.

Additionally, most fitness trackers send smartphone notifications to your wrist like incoming calls, messages, email, social media, weather updates and reminders of the events in the calendar, etc. 

If your budget is higher than 2000, then nothing to worry about there is a list of Best Fitness Band Under 1000.

Let’s improve your health with the best fitness band under 500

1. NR MART Sports Fitness Band

 NR MART Sports Fitness Band

The first best fitness band under 500 is the NR MART sports fitness band, which comes in black color and gives a classy look.

The band is entirely waterproof to wear during the shower, and also, you don’t need to worry about getting wet during rain or washing your hands.

The band comes with all-day tracking activities such as track steps, calories count, distance covered. And, you can see all activities on your band screen.

The users can see the calls and messages notifications on display, and all are customizable. 

To receive notifications, you can pair the fitness band with your phone using the app from the play store.

The app monitors all the routine necessities and gives you real-time data. It has Bluetooth connectivity to make it connected with Android smartphones.

 NR MART Sports Fitness Bands

Design and built quality

With a waterproof body, the NR MART sports fitness band has a simple yet elegant design. It is built of good quality with a rubber strap that makes it comfortable. 

Display quality

The NR MART sports fitness band comes with a TFT High-definition display screen. Plus, the fitness band under 5000 includes a highly sensitive and captivity HD LCD touch screen. It has a resolution ratio of 128*64 pixels.

 Top NR MART Sports Fitness Band

Battery life

The fitness band is equipped with a 380MAH polymer lithium battery. The battery usage of this smart band under 500 rupees is decent, i.e., standby time is up to 2 days once it is fully charged.


  • Easy to use UI
  • Multiple features 
  • Good battery life 
  • Bluetooth compatibility 


  • Heart rate monitoring 
  • Great fitness tracker sensor 
  • Waterproof material 


  • No cons

2. WELROCK SmartBand


The band is waterproof and compatible with Bluetooth and a heart rate sensor. With TPU waterproof material, you can freely take it anywhere without worrying about working with water or using it during rainy seasons.

The band offers you plenty of tracking options such as monitoring sleep quality, Walk Tracker, Data Counting, and Heartbeat counting.

WELROCK SmartBand fit

The smart band can monitor the health and well-being of people by tracking their physical activity.

It is water and scratch-resistant and comes with a swipe up and down touch screen facility. You can also receive all the social media apps notifications on your wristband.

So, if you are looking for a cheap smart band under 500, then WELROCK SmartBand is the best option for you. 

WELROCK SmartBand size

Design and built quality

Welrock smart band comes in a stylish rectangular shape. Its band is of silicone material. Plus, the weight is just 100g, which is comfortable to wear throughout day and night. 

Display quality

The display size of the best smart band under 500 is 0.96 inches; you can see all the texts under direct sunlight. 

WELROCK SmartBand sleep

Battery life

The average usage of fitness band under 500 rupees is around 2 days within a single charge. 


  • Waterproof material
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility
  • Compact and easy to operate


  • Easy-to-use Pedometer
  • USB charging cable


  • Lack of accurate readings 

3. SHOPTOSHOP Activity Tracker

 SHOPTOSHOP Activity Tracker

If you are a fitness freak and love to keep track of your daily fitness activities like calories burnt, heart rate, and sleep routine, then SHOPTOSHOP Activity Tracker is the best fitness band under 500

This smart band under 500 allows you to see calls, messages, and social media notifications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

All you need to do is just install their app from the play store, turn on the Bluetooth, and your best smart band under 500 is ready. 

The band is waterproof, so you don’t worry while washing your hands or walking in the rain. In addition, the band is also compatible with the Heart rate sensor.

We really love its night sleep tracking feature as you can monitor your sleep time and sleep quality, which is ultimately a key to physical and mental health. 

Design and built quality

Like another smart fitness band under 500, SHOPTOSHOP Activity Tracker is available in black with a rubber strap. The design is a simple round shape. And the band weight is 150g.

Display quality

The smart band comes with a TFT HD display which has an LCD touch screen. The 128*64 pixels resolution provides good quality visibility. 

Battery life

Coming to its battery life, the fitness band is equipped with a 380MAH polymer lithium battery. It gives 2 days of battery life on a single charge. 


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Bluetooth compatibility 4.0
  • Multiple health monitoring features
  • All notification alerts 


  • Accurate sleep tracking 
  • Heartbeat sensor 
  • Real-time activity tracker 


  • Works only after installing the app on mobile       

4. HUG PUPPY Smart Band Fitness Tracker

If you are looking for a better screen and smooth experience, then this fitness watch under 500 has a TFT HD LCD touch screen with 128*64 resolution, making it easy to view outside.

With this fitness band, you can track all-day routine activities to keep you fit, such as track steps, calories burned, distance traveled, etc. 

You can receive or reject calls, SMS and SNS, i.e., social media platform notifications. One of the great features of this fitness band watch under 500 is you can receive or disconnect the calls via the band.

It means you don’t need to check out your phone again and again. Plus, it is waterproof also. 

Design and built quality

The smartwatch design is sleek and lightweight, which allows you to wear it throughout the day. The rectangular display makes it look more elegant. 

Display quality

The OLED display screen is 128×64 pixels resolution. And the screen size is 0.96 inches.

Battery life

The battery is a 380MAH polymer lithium battery which gives a backup of around 2 days.


  • OLED display
  • Fast charging
  • Lightweight of 150g


  • Heart rate monitor
  • All real-time notifications 
  • Waterproof 


  • Low battery life

5. M4 Intelligence fitness watch

 M4 Intelligence fitness watch

This is one of the rare smart bands under 500 rupees that comes with blood pressure measurement also.

M4 Intelligence fitness watch has all the important features that should be in fitness watch under 500, such as the band helps to measure real-time blood oxygen level, blood pressure, heart rate, and calories. 

Moreover, you can also use a pedometer, set the alarm, and track sleep quality. The fitness band is water-resistant up to 10m, so you can wear this band while washing your hands or roaming in the rain.

It comes with Bluetooth version 4.0 that helps to connect your smartphone with a band that allows you to track fitness activities such as treadmill, cycling, walking, and outdoor running.

Due to the ability to offer some additional features, we consider it as a great fitness watch under 500.

Design and built quality

The rectangular-shaped smartwatch in the black color is what you will receive under 500 only. Further, the lightweight and solid silicone straps make this smart band the best smart band under 500 with lots of comfort and ease of operations.

Display quality

It comes with an OLED display with a touch screen.

Battery life

It comes with a 380 mAh polymer lithium battery, which lasts up to 2 days after being fully charged. The band takes around 1.5 hours to fully charge. 


  • Water-resistant up to 10m
  • TFT HD LCD touch screen
  • Calls and message notifications


  • Heart rate sensor
  • Blood pressure monitoring 
  • Real-time activity records 


  • No cons 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to choose the best fitness band under 500?

At the price of Rs. 500, you can get basic features like waterproof, notification alerts, sleep tracker, calories burn, receive and reject calls via the band, etc. 

2. Which is the best fitness band below 500?

M4 Intelligence fitness watch and HUG PUPPY Smart Band Fitness Tracker are the best bands below 500 to track your fitness movements. 

3. Do fitness bands work without a phone?

Yes, many fitness bands work without a phone also as they record the track of activities through sensors. However, buying a fitness band somehow restricts the functionality.

4. Which is the cheapest fitness band in India?

NR MART Sports Fitness Band and HUG PUPPY Smart Band Fitness are the cheapest bands, as mentioned in our list of best fitness band under 500


So, you have now reviewed our article after searching for a fitness band under 500 Flipkart. Each fitness bands selected above is the best smart band under 500. The bands have all the necessary features to make your fitness and health routine healthy. You can choose the best fitness band under 500 after reading their reviews and features to buy the fitness watch under 500

Hope our article has helped you to take a quick decision of buying a Fitbit watch under 500.