If someone has sending you unwanted emails in bulk, you decide to put them under junk or spam folders. Junk mails do nothing except clutter your Inbox so it’s better to stop them from recurring. In this short article, we will give amazing important tips about how you can check Hotmail junk mail on Android.

How To Check  Hotmail Junk Mail Settings

There are few Steps to check Hotmail Junk Mail on Android:

  • Open your Hotmail mailbox.
  • Move on Settings next Options present at the top right-hand corner.
  • Under the “Junk Email” part, you’ll see all your junk mails.

How do I change my junk mail settings in Hotmail?

  • Log into Hotmail account also click the ‘Options’ of your Inbox screen.
  • Choose the ‘More Options’ entry.
  • Click the ‘Filters and Reporting’ option below the Preventing Junk Email heading.
  • Pick either “Standard” or ‘Executive’ under Choose a Junk Email Filter.


How to block unwanted emails in Hotmail?

  • Open your Hotmail mailbox
  • Click Options placed at the top right side of the page.
  • Choose various Options, and under Preventing junk email, click Safe also block the sender.
  • Click Block senders and enter the email address or domain(URL) on the box labeled ‘Blocked email address or domain’ and click Add to list.

how to check hotmail junk mail on android


In this short article, we will give some important tips about how you can check Hotmail junk mail on Android, & believe me, it’s very easy. So without any further ado, let us directly delve into the process.