For those people who are using Mi phones, and getting face some problem like- How to connect mi phone to pc suite? Here is the full proof easy solution for you to fix mi phone to pc suite via USB cable; these instructions explain to you how to get the MI phone gets detected by your computer via USB cable.

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How to connect mi phone to mi pc suite?

  • The first question that comes to your mind is enabling ‘USB debugging’ though even after that the Xiaomi phone not connecting to PC still.
  • The PC detects the Xiaomi phone through cable if you select Transfer photos (PTP) option but can only access the photo folders.
  • Lastly, I got a correctly running solution to get your computer to detect your Xiaomi phone via USB cable.

Mi pc suite not detecting phone Solution (Fix)

 Mi Phones to USB:

1) Enabled USB debugging 

How to enable Developer Options & USB debugging on Mi Phones?

  1. On the MI phone, Go to Settings Option/ Settings> About Phone / About Phone> tap MIUI Version 7 times.
  2. Then now your Developer Options is enabled or active in your Mi phone.
  3. Go back to settings.
  4. Under System & Device, tap on “Additional Settings(Option).”
  5. Find “Developer (Options)”
  6. Enable Developer Options if not already enabled
  7. Scroll and find “USB Debugging(Option)” and enable it.

Note: When you connect through cable you have many options on the top notification to choose either to charge only, transfer files or photos. You should select a transfer file.

After these steps, your MI Phone will be detected by your computer system, and you will access the internal memory.

I hope your Mi pc suite not detecting phone problem solve through read article.

how to connect mi phone to pc