How to Increase fps in pubg Battlegrounds

PUBG has become a classic model of a runaway victory story that no one has seen.

It is estimated that 100 fighters are flying to a large island where they have to break their weapons and arm themselves.

You need to hunt other players to become the last players and be said: “Winner of Winner, is known to say its Chicken Dinner.”

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How to Increase fps in pubg

The difficulty, though, is that the game is yet in pre-release, including higher than a million of people are playing including the child; it has issues with network lag and sudden failures that we cannot solve.

There is also a performance problem, especially with FPS in PUGB. If you want to increase fps in pubg battlegrounds FPS in PUGB, try these solutions.

How to Increase fps in Battlegrounds

Here we will give some Tips, including Best PUBG settings, to improve your FPS in PC. Still, the framerate is the middle part of any massive graphic games.

How to Improve pubg Performance

So while we play any game in the system, we need to fix and set the frame rate for the specific game. Here are the Best Settings to improve PUBG FPS.

Framerate Fix with Nvidia Graphic Card

AMD GPDs should already optimize their operators to grant an extra 14% performance (17.8.2 & higher). Another Nvidia users, notwithstanding the updates, do not know as many performance as people would ideally. Here’s how to fix it.

Right-click on the desktop or the Start menu to open the Nvidia Control Panel. 

Go to Manage 3D settings> Program settings> Battlefields are known to players> Scroll down to Threaded Optimization and turn.


PUBG released on Steam in March 2017, pre-release. In this short article, we will give some essential tips about how to increase fps in battlegrounds, & believe me.

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