Suppose you don’t know to Hindi typing. This article will then help you learn how to type in Hindi using English keyboard offline in MS Word.

If you want to type in Hindi or convert English letters/words to Hindi on Windows, In this example, we will be using Google Input Tools on Windows to type in English and make Google Input Tools generate Hindi letters/words for us.

Type in hindi using english keyboard offline

A) Type English to Hindi using Google Input Tools Online:

Google Input Tools is also accessible online at Google Hindi Input Tools Online. Just type in English and get it changed to Hindi.

  • From this language, select drop-down, select Hindi
  • Next to the language selected, choose the type of virtual input – virtual English keyboard, Hindi INSCRIPT virtual keyboard, or hand draw.

How to type in hindi using english keyboard offline

B) English to Hindi using Google Hindi Input Tools Offline:

For more convenient use, install Google Hindi Input Tools on your computer system to convert English to Hindi using Google Input Tools Offline.  Download Google Hindi Input Tools from

After Install Google Hindi Input Tools Offline –

  • Click on the Language choices icon in the taskbar right-hand corner .
  • It will be eng by default if you set up your computer system to use English as the selected language.
  • Click on the ENG.
  • Click on Hindi (Google Input Tools)
  • Open a Text editor such as Notepad to test.